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US: Cold, Snowy October End Game To Be Followed By Warmer November

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The radar  over the Great Lakes this morning resembled late November and not late October as near white out conditions caused hazardous driving conditions in many downwind areas of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Very cold air blowing out of the northwest crossing the still warm lake waters allowed the heavy bands of snow […]

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Soaking And Increasingly Stormy Pattern For Western Europe

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As expected the Western Europe pattern is becoming more and more active as the upper height field shifts and the arctic oscillation flips strongly positive, so too will the NAO over the next week to 10 days therefore supporting the continuation of the zonal and very active Atlantic pattern across Europe. The warmer than normal waters across the […]

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Scotland Make the most of the fine, dry and sunny weather this afternoon because wet and windy weather is set to return. Through the rest of this afternoon and evening expect continued sunshine and light winds with the stronger winds in the North easing. Clear and chilly to start this evening but cloud thickens from the […]

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