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Low Turns Iceland White, Drops Temp To -46C In Greenland, Brings UK First Taste Of Autumn

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One low pressure system has been responsible for producing a sunset air temperature of -46C over interior Greenland last night, the first snowfall to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik yesterday and 100 mph winds and the first blast of autumn to the UK today. Check out this stunning image capturing Reykjavik’s first snow of autumn 2013 yesterday, courtesy of […]

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Scotland It’s a cold, blustery day and shock to the system after the recent warmth. To put the sudden drop in temperature into perspective, just two days ago Inverness basked in warm 20C sunshine while today at 3pm it was only 7C. It’s windy and cold for all with heavy, frequent, squally showers, particularly across the North where […]

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Significant Pattern Change Coming To North America Next 10 Days

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As well as for Europe, we have some significant changes coming to the North America upper pattern as the NAO is heading negative along with the PNA finally shifting towards positive. The last -NAO did not deliver a typical eastern trough and in fact the warmth which was over the East, was outstanding really for the […]

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