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Could Summer Hangover Be Dictating October Pattern Over Europe? What Does This Mean?

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I was doing a little research this afternoon and trying to see if there was any connection between October and November temperatures/precipitation with the following winter over western Europe. I looked at the October temperatures and precipitation for a selection of UK cities but there was no clear indication that I could find which suggested a certain type […]

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Scotland It’s a dry and bright end to the day for many with the best of the evening sunshine over more Western and Northern areas. Tonight will see widespread clear skies and with light winds, temperatures drop away. Overnight lows could dip to 2 or 3C in rural areas, nearer 5 or 6C in the towns […]

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Month Starts Abnormally Warm In East And Looks Set To End Abnormally Cold

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It’s been a warm October from the Plains east while cold from the Rockies west but we’re set for a big mid month flip and that’s largely down to the PNA flipping positive while the NAO and AO takes a second dip. Check out these departures from normal. Temperature Departures From Normal Oct. 1 to 13, 2013 […]

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