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Latest CFS Shows ‘Block’ Buster Winter

Written by on October 12, 2013 in Rest of Europe, United Kingdom & Ireland with 1 Comment

Though models have been all over the place in recent weeks, I thought I would take a glance at the latest CFS for November through March and boy, the charts sure caught my eye. The funny thing is. I believe the latest output! See video for more.. [s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_level1)] Check these out… Nov Dec Jan […]

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[s2Stream player=”jwplayer-v6-rtmp” player_path=”/jwplayer/jwplayer.js” file_download=”Vid121013.mp4″ player_width=”640″ player_height=”480″ player_key=”7dA7m05wsepGN0qTGnxA7CFT7sgLuKxncIU/4g==” player_option_blocks=”logo:{file:’’,link:’’}” /] Interesting trend showing in models and indexes!

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Next Storm Looks Colder With Snow Again For Black Hills, Game Changer?

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It’s all eyes on the next system which sweeps into the West this weekend in what has been just one system after the next for the West. The -PNA has kept the trough in the west with more ridging further east and next week is not any different but in a sense it is. In […]

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