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Sweden Hits -18C As Eurasia Snowcover Expands West, Stormier Pattern Ahead?

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As the sun rose over Europe this morning, it unveiled a rather impressive looking satellite presentation with bands of cloud clearly marking where the ridge and trough was as well as where the warm and cold air was. As well as throwing rain bearing fronts across Iberia, France and up into Ireland and the UK, a large and complex low […]

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Scotland Rainfall has been gradually on the increase this afternoon as a frontal system pushes northeast. Expect a thoroughly miserable night across most areas with persistent and at times heavy rain accompanied by a strong, gusty southeast wind. Not a cold night with lows of 8-10C. Saturday starts wet but conditions improve through the morning […]

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A Look At Next Week’s US Cold Blast

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Quick update on next week’s cold surge, Of course it’s turned chilly over the Plains and Midwest now with the first sub-freezing temps this morning all the way to Texas but in stark contrast, it’s warm up and down the East Coast where it may it into the mid and upper 70s from DC to […]

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