About Mark Vogan

Mark and Karen VoganSince 2009 I have written a blog providing personalised daily and long-range forecasts, including seasonal outlooks for both Europe as well as the United States. I cover global weather news, seven days a week, providing non-biased interpretations drawing on my 15 years of knowledge, driven from my passion for weather and climate.

Originally from Newry, Northern Ireland, I now live in the small community of Lennoxtown, just north of Glasgow, Scotland with my wife, Karen. I spent 24 months living in the Camberwell area of Central London where, at the age of four, I experienced the full force of one of Britain’s worst storms – an intense area of low pressure crossed the south of England causing death and widespread destruction. This was the Great Storm of 1987.

The events of this storm and its impact fuelled my great passion in weather, climate and the scientific reasoning behind its evolution, always striving to discover further. I regularly study and research global atmospheric and oceanic signals to find weather trends to foresee the season ahead.

Through my successful forecasts with high accuracy this has led to various media interests, which include articles published in the British newspapers, Daily Mail and the Daily Record, as well as television appearances on STV and WGN-TV Chicago.