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It’s a dry and bright end to the day for many with the best of the evening sunshine over more Western and Northern areas. Tonight will see widespread clear skies and with light winds, temperatures drop away. Overnight lows could dip to 2 or 3C in rural areas, nearer 5 or 6C in the towns and cities.

Wednesday starts off dry, bright and cool but through the morning and a band of moderate, even heavy rain will sweep into Dumfries and Galloway, eventually spreading to all through the afternoon. The breeze picks up from the east. Highs 10-12C.

Thursday will see rain linger in the North, drier, perhaps some brightness further south through the Central Lowlands and Southern Uplands.


After a very decent October day, tonight will host widespread, dense fog banks, particularly in the East tonight so please do take care when driving to work in the morning. Morning lows start off between 4C in the countryside to nearer 7 or 8C in many towns and cities. It turns wet and breezy through the second half of the night in the Southwest.

Wednesday promises to be quite a different day compared with today as a band of heavy rain will sweep quickly northeast across the country through the morning into the afternoon but it does warm on the backside of the front with highs potentially climbing to 17 or 18C across inland Devon, Dorset and Somerset. Nearer 13-16C elsewhere.

Thursday looks to be a day of sunshine and showers. Mild at 14-17, locally 19C.


It’s a fine end to Tuesday across much of Wales, particularly the South but through the night, after a quick dip in temperature, wind and rain spreads right across the country during the wee hours of Wednesday. Luckily this system will quickly clear northeastward through the morning, leaving behind blustery showers and some sunshine. Temperatures will be mild at between 14-16C. Always cloudier and damp in the North.

Thursday looks to be a day of sunshine and some showers. Mild with a high of 16 or 17C in the South.

Northern Ireland

Enjoy the evening sunshine while it lasts because a very wet next 24 hours is on the way. Tonight will start off pleasant but into the overnight hours and a band of heavy and persistent rain will progress northeast, making for an unpleasant morning rush. Overnight lows shall rise through the night, ending up near 10C by dawn.

Wednesday shall be wet for much of the day and the rain could be heavy as well as persistent, making for poor driving conditions. The breeze will be fresh, but strong along the coast out of the southeast. Highs range between 11-13C.

Thursday shall be a day of showers with possibly some afternoon bright spells. Warmer at 15C.


It’s a VERY wet night to come right across the Republic and that rain is already gathering in the South just now. For those in Central, Northern and Eastern areas, make the most of any sunshine just now as conditions will rapidly go down hill this evening. Through the overnight some heavy, persistent pulses of rain will push north, northeast and this will make for a challenging Wednesday morning commute. Overnight lows hold at 9-11C tonight.

Wednesday will see conditions improve across the South but head into the Midlands and particularly the North, Northeast and it’s a wet old day to come with a brisk southeast wind. By the end of the day, much of the rain will be out of the way. Highs of 11-16, locally 17C with some afternoon sunshine in the South.

Thursday looks much better although more shower activity will affect many. It will be warmer at 14-17C.

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