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It’s a cold, blustery day and shock to the system after the recent warmth. To put the sudden drop in temperature into perspective, just two days ago Inverness basked in warm 20C sunshine while today at 3pm it was only 7C. It’s windy and cold for all with heavy, frequent, squally showers, particularly across the North where snow is falling even down to the higher road routes with several inches falling in the upper hills.

Tonight will see showers ease with clearing skies for many, esp in Central and Southern areas and with shelter from any breeze, temperatures even in some towns will get near to freezing, perhaps -1 or -2C in the countryside.

Thursday will be a bright or sunny day for many, feeling cold in the continued brisk northerly wind. Highs 6-11C. Overnight frost.


It’s a blustery, showery day and while you may think those winds and the chill is bad now, think again as winds will increase along the East Coast tonight. Expect gusts to between 50-60 mph overnight tonight with frequent, heavy, squally showers. Further inland and it’s clearer and still windy but not as windy. Overnight lows of 6-9C.

Thursday should be a mainly dry day in Western and Central areas but the closer you get to the East Coast, the greater the risk of heavy, squally showers. Winds will remain strong for all, particularly along the East Coast. Highs 9-12C.


It’s a transition day across Wales with heavy, blustery showers driven in on an increasingly cold NW wind. Tonight will see those showers continue for some while others see a clear sky. Overnight lows turn considerably colder compared to recent nights at 5-9C, colder in rural parts.

Thursday will be drier, brighter but COLDER. A stiff north wind will make the already chilly 8-12C feel even colder. What a change compared to the 20C achieved yesterday.

Northern Ireland

Like across Scotland, much colder air is now firmly in charge and it will be for the next several days. It will be a blustery night to come with showers continuing, particularly across the North and East through the night but clearer further south and west. Overnight lows of 3-6C. Feeling closer to freezing in the wind.

It’s a dry, bright and blustery day and feeling much more autumnal. Highs will only manage 9-11C but feeling colder in the wind. Touch of frost for some tomorrow night.


It’s a largely clear and cold night, by far the coldest night of the autumn so far and boy what a change compared to recent times. Lows will drop low enough over parts of the Midlands for frost formation. Widely 3-6C.

Thursday is looking fine, sunny but cold with highs of 9-12C. Staying largely, fine and dry Friday and into the weekend.

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