US: Cold, Snowy October End Game To Be Followed By Warmer November

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The radar  over the Great Lakes this morning resembled late November and not late October as near white out conditions caused hazardous driving conditions in many downwind areas of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Very cold air blowing out of the northwest crossing the still warm lake waters allowed the heavy bands of snow to occur and they continue through this afternoon.

While it was cold last night with the first sub-freezing temperature recorded in Charlotte, NC, tonight looks a touch colder from Kansas City to DC but as a cold high settled into the Ohio and Tennessee Valley through tomorrow, it looks like Friday night into Saturday shall be the coldest.

Firstly here is the radar from this morning showing the snow streaming off the Great Lakes.


Here’s today departures from normal.







Frost and freeze advisories issued by the NWS covers a broad area tonight. This is pretty amazing for October!


Here’s the weather graphic for tonight from the St Louis NWS.


Here’s the forecasted lows by tomorrow morning based on the GFS via the NWS.


Saturday morning continues to look coldest of all according to the GFS.

Here’s Saturday AM lows.


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As for next week, models are in good agreement that a major storm system will develop as a bitterly cold high builds south out of western Canada down into Montana and the Northern Rockies. A storm system develops at the base of the trough as warm air tries to push north while even colder air than we have now over the East, pushes south.

Here’s the 168 hr snow chart off the GFS which snows decent snows across the N Rockies and Plains as well as a swath of 4-8″ across Oklahoma with even a few inches in the TX Panhandle.

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

Another interesting week next week with perhaps the first subzero lows in Montana. Take a look at the projected lows off the GFS Tuesday morning in the N Rockies.

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

Finally here’s the latest CFS November through February.

It warms up next month in response to the +AO/NAO but look out early or mid-December as we should see the turnaround and remember the strong +AO currently. This is helping charge up the arctic reservoir big time, so when the signal finally flips around, look out!

Here’s the GFS AO ensemble.







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