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Make the most of the fine, dry and sunny weather this afternoon because wet and windy weather is set to return. Through the rest of this afternoon and evening expect continued sunshine and light winds with the stronger winds in the North easing. Clear and chilly to start this evening but cloud thickens from the west. Lows tonight will rise with an early dip. 2-5C but by dawn it will be up nearer 7-10C with heavy rain already affecting Western and Southern areas.

Through Friday and heavy rain affects most but particularly the Southwest. The heaviest of the rain transfers into Central areas by the afternoon with eventual clearing in the Southwest. Highs tomorrow a touch up on today at 13-15C. Strengthening southeast wind.

More wet and windy conditions to come Saturday.


It’s a largely fine, dry, sunny and mild end to Thursday across the bulk of England but into the early part of the evening and if you live in the Southwest you’ll notice cloud thickening, winds picking up and eventually the rain will push in.

While it stays dry over Central and Eastern parts much of the overnight, it will turn very wet and blustery in the South and West with a nasty morning rush hour ahead. Lows take an early dip 3-8C, nearer 10-12C by dawn.

Through Friday and a band of heavy, persistent rain accompanied by a strong, gusty southeast wind will spread northeast through the day brightening up in the South and Midlands through the afternoon, evening clearing all parts by dinnertime. Winds will be strong out of the SSW on the rear of the front but in the sun, temperatures could approach 20C, widely 14-17C.

Largely dry come Saturday but another band of heavy rain spreads in from the west later in the afternoon.


A fine and decent end to the day across Wales but make the most of it as more wet and windy weather is on the way tonight. Following an early dip perhaps down to 3 or 4C in easternmost parts, cloud and eventually rain will spread right across the country overnight with a fresh to strong SE wind.

Through Friday morning and the rain appears to clear out just as quick as it arrives but it should drop a fair amount over the course of 3-6 hours causing some local flooding. By the afternoon it turns showery with the sunshine returning but wind swill be fresh to strong out of the SSW. Feeling warm for the time of year at 17 or 18C in some spots.

Saturday starts dry but more wind and rain arrives by the afternoon and evening.

Northern Ireland

After a fine start with patchy frost away from the towns and cities, the cloud has been gathering from the south through the afternoon and this heralds a wet and windy night to come. Temperatures will hold a good 5-10C higher than last night.

So, Friday starts wet and windy right across the country but through the late morning expect the rain to clear out into the Channel, leaving behind an afternoon of blustery showers. Slightly milder than today at 12-15C.

More wind and rain sweeps in from the Atlantic Saturday.


Hope you made the most of this morning bright, sunny start because cloud and rain is now spreading north across much of the Republic and into tonight and overnight, reinforcing heavier rain will spread north, likely causing more local flooding. The good news is that the worst of the rain falls across much of the country during the overnight, quickly clearing the South by dawn but the rain lingers in the North for a time before clearing. Overnight lows don’t really drop, holding at the current values of 10-13C.

Friday isn’t looking too bad really as the sun quickly returns with showers spreading north on a stiff SSW breeze. Staying mild at 14-17C.

More wet and windy weather returns Saturday.

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