Winds Top 195 mph Within Super Typhoon Haiyan, Among Stongest Ever!

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Super Typhoon Haiyan is fast approaching the central Philippines as one of the most powerful, if not thee most powerful Tropical Cyclone ever recorded on earth. ‘Official’ sustained wind speeds according to JTWC are now at 195 mph with gusts of 235 mph.

Check out this stunning night satellite image of this once in a lifetime storm.


The unbelievable infrared image captured below displays something none of us may have seen before. Haiyan’s perfect symmetry represents about as close as we’ve ever gotten to the ‘perfect storm’, maximum potential intensity.


According to satellite estimates and that’s all it is unfortunately due to the absence of recon over the West Pacific, we may be looking at a storm containing a new world record low for sea surface pressure. 858mb is a number being thrown out there. If that figures holds merit, that would smash the old world record set by Typhoon Tip back in 1979 of 870mb.

More ‘official’ estimates put Haiyan’s central pressure at 895mb.

Sadly this storm from hell is a mere couple of hours from landfall and will hit the central Philippines as a Cat 5 estimated storm with winds likely at 190 mph, gusting beyond 200 mph. This will cause widespread destruction, especially due to the poorly built homes. Little will remain standing in the direct path of this storm.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Philippines tonight and in the coming days.

Here’s the latest track of Haiyan via the JTWC.


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