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The heavy, frequent and blustery showers of affecting the West, North and Central areas today will continue overnight with a fresh to strong SW wind. Always drier and clearer the further east you go. Lows tonight stay above freezing thanks to the wind. 2-6C.

More of the same Friday with showers rattling in on a stiff WSW wind, always brighter in the East but showers may be fewer tomorrow. Highs stay cool at 7-10C.

More blustery showers Saturday.


It’s a mainly quiet end to Thursday for the majority with the exceptions of a few showers peppering the Southwest and perhaps Northwest. Clear skies commence the first half of the overnight across the Midlands and East but through the second half of the night expect showers to pick up in the west and these are likely to spread east into the early part of Friday. Lows tonight 2 or 3C in the East, nearer 6-8C in the breezier West.

Friday will see showers spread west to east through much of the day but an area of more organised rain pushes into the South bringing a wet, rather miserable day from Plymouth to London. Highs stay cool at 8-13C.

More blustery showers Saturday.


It’s a stubborn sunshine and blustery showers type of pattern Wales is locked in these days and tonight will see those showers pep up through the overnight, some could be torrential with hail and thunder thrown in for good measure. The breeze will be strong, touching gale-force along the Anglesey coast. Lows tonight 2-7C.

More sunshine and showers tomorrow with the breeze still brisk. Highs cool at 7-11C.

More of the same Saturday.

Northern Ireland

The focus of today’s showers were in the West and Northwest with the longest spells of bright or sunny weather towards Down. Tonight will continue to see the heaviest, most frequent showers in the Northwest, clearer skies in the Southeast and thanks to the ongoing breeze, lows tonight stay slightly above freezing at 2-6C.

More of the same tomorrow into Saturday. Highs remain chilly at just 6-9C.


It seems we go from one stubborn pattern to another and this time it’s sunshine and blustery showers along with a chilly air flow. Tonight continues to see those showers work east across the country and thanks to the brisk breeze, temperatures will stay above freezing. Lows 3-7C.

Friday looks to see a possible easing of the shower activity but that doesn’t mean you won’t see any. Decent spells of sunshine in between the showers, staying breezy and on the cool side at 8-12C.

Much of the same Saturday.

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