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Long Range European: Cold December On The Way!

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While we’ve received a taste of winter this week, I believe this is merely a sign of something much greater for later down the road. I want to draw your attention to what’s going on across the other side of the Atlantic with major snow and cold settling into much of the US. We must pay attention […]

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Scotland It’s another cold night with frost already reforming after highs of just 2 or 3C at best with sheltered areas not reaching 0C. Cloud and even light rain or drizzle will affect the far North and even for much of the Highlands, it’s mostly cloudy and milder. For the Central Lowlands and South, it’s clear […]

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WILD PATTERN: 2 January Level Arctic Shots, 2 Snowstorms For US Next 7 Days!

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Unfortunately I am strapped for time this evening so I’m going to need to cut this post short this evening. Boy, do we not have some wild weather coming now over the next 10+ days as not one but TWO January level arctic blast come straight out of Alaska with fuel stemming all the way […]

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