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Colder Setup Towards Late November For Western Europe?

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I’ve made mention many times that I don’t think our winter will hit proper till we get into December but I also made mention of the fact that we could turn colder for a time towards late November. I am closely watching the NAO/AO index and while their ‘hinting’ at another return to negative, which would be […]

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Winds Top 195 mph Within Super Typhoon Haiyan, Among Stongest Ever!

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Super Typhoon Haiyan is fast approaching the central Philippines as one of the most powerful, if not thee most powerful Tropical Cyclone ever recorded on earth. ‘Official’ sustained wind speeds according to JTWC are now at 195 mph with gusts of 235 mph. Check out this stunning night satellite image of this once in a lifetime storm. The unbelievable […]

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Scotland The heavy, frequent and blustery showers of affecting the West, North and Central areas today will continue overnight with a fresh to strong SW wind. Always drier and clearer the further east you go. Lows tonight stay above freezing thanks to the wind. 2-6C. More of the same Friday with showers rattling in on a […]

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