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Frigid Air Settles Over Iceland While UK Gets Brief Frosty Relief

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By far the coldest air mass of the season has settled over Iceland in the wake of the low which blasted the UK this past weekend. Beneath clear skies, light winds and over snow covered ground, temperatures bottomed out at -20C at two central Highland locales and tonight, temperatures are once again sinking. Upptyppingar is already shivering […]

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Scotland It was a cold start across the country this morning and a bright but much cooler day compared to what we’ve been use to. The temperature is quickly falling now as the sun is back below the horizon and one can expect a frost to form in many inland areas within the next couple […]

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Great Lakes Bomb Produces 50-60° Temp Drop, 130mph Gusts, 14ft Waves

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Thank the Great Lake weather bomb for producing widespread gales, flooding rainfall, category 2 hurricane-force gusts on top of Mount Washington and one heck of a temperature swing up the East Coast between Friday morning and this morning. The storm which cut power to hundreds of thousands through the Ohio Valley across the Great Lakes, Northeast and particularly Ontario, […]

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