Colder Setup Towards Late November For Western Europe?

Written by on November 7, 2013 in Rest of Europe, United Kingdom & Ireland with 0 Comments

I’ve made mention many times that I don’t thinkĀ our winter will hitĀ proper till we get into December but I also made mention of the fact that we could turn colder for a time towards late November. I am closely watching the NAO/AO index and while their ‘hinting’ at another return to negative, which would be about time when going by the trend of the last couple of months, modelling is starting to also hint at colder weather heading into Western Europe.

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Before we get there, after a brief warm-up early next week as stated in last night’s post, we turn colder mid next week.





Here’s the ECMWF towards the later of the 10 day period.

Next Sunday


Like I say, even if we turn much colder towards the end of this month, I believe more milder weather returns before the real deal. Will keep a close eye on this..

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