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It’s been a rather wet weekend and that theme continues pretty much through the majority of this week. It’s been damp but mild today but drier with even some sunshine in the far North. Tonight will see rain continue off and on but potentially turning wetter through the overnight hours with winds freshening from a southerly direction. Lows tonight still up well above 10C.

Tuesday looks wet and blustery for much of the country, we could see some favoured south facing upslopes pick up 1-2 inches of rain over the next 24 hours. Winds will touch gale-force along the Solway and West coast. Highs of 13-16C.

Further wind and spells of heavy rain push in from the Atlantic Wednesday.


It’s been a poor day for much of England, particularly in the North and West, always that bit drier the further east you go. Through tonight and the winds remain strong in the west and particularly along the coast while rains remain heavy and persistent here too. Always drier further east. Overnight lows tonight dip no lower than 13-15C.

Tuesday will see the heavy rain break up but this will push east through the day with the strongest winds transferring east too. It should dry up and brighten across the Southwest up through the Midlands later in the afternoon. Highs tomorrow will be in the 15-19C range, well above normal for this time of year.

A stuff WNW wind come Wednesday with sunshine and showers.


It’s been a wet and windy day across Wales with gusts topping storm force over higher ground. The wind and rain persists through the night into Tuesday. Lows of 12-15C.

Tuesday starts off where today left off, very wet and windy but through the late morning into the afternoon, expect brightness to reappear but showers will follow and winds will remain strong. Highs 14-18C.

More wind and rain to come Wednesday.

Northern Ireland

It’s a rather miserable end to what has been a wet day and past weekend. Tonight will see rain continue in the East over Antrim and Down but it turns misty and murky but dry in the West. Lows tonight stay up at 11-14C.

Tuesday starts off wet and breezy in the East, drier and brighter further West and much of the country turns brighter into tomorrow afternoon and with a southerly air flow, expect highs to push 15 even 16C, that 5C above normal.

Expect more wind and showery outbreaks of rain come Wednesday.


It’s been a wet and windy day for much of the Republic but brightness appeared in the West and eventually the Midlands through this afternoon. The rain and strong winds however has persisted in the East with gales along the South and East coasts and it looks to remain wet through the tonight before clearing just after daybreak. Lows stay warm tonight at 12-16C.

Tuesday will see the main rain band clear the East Coast and sunshine will appear for most but, showers will be on the increase in the South and these will move north through the afternoon turning heavy too. Highs tomorrow will be warm at 13-17, locally 18C.

Wednesday looks drier with less shower showers and more sunshine. Winds veer WNW and they could be strong, particularly along the West Coast.

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