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After a wet start to your Wednesday, it’s been an improving picture through the afternoon with temperatures climbing to at least 23C in Aviemore, 22C in Aberdeenshire, a touch cooler further west but hefty showers have been popping over Grampian due to sunshine and warming land. However, for most, it’s a fine, largely dry evening to come (except for some hills and over the NE) and turning misty and murky overnight with drizzle in places, especially over the hills. Lows stay mild at 12-15C.

Thursday looks to be a better day with more sunshine across a broader swath of the country as high pressure builds in on the backside of the low. So, after a cloudy, misty start, sunshine breaks out for many through the late morning, early afternoon and temperatures will respond nicely. We’re looking at highs of 18C along the cloudier East Coast to perhaps 21 or 22C in the West including Glasgow.

More warm sunshine to be enjoyed Friday before rain spreads in from the west Friday night into Saturday. Some parts could push 25C with the help of a warm south wind and sunshine.


After a decent day across the bulk of England, it turns cloudy, misty and murky with showers dotted here and there through the night. Some of those showers across particularly the Southeast including London could be heavy with thunder and lightning as the air is warm and quite muggy. Overnight lows will stay mild to warm at 15-18C.

Thursday starts cloudy and damp for many, especially in the Southeast where those showers will linger through the morning before dying out. By late morning/early afternoon, it should brighten and turn sunny for many, especially in the Southwest and with that sunshine it warms up nicely. Look for highs uniformly in the 20-23C range but in some interior Southwest and Midland locales, we could see a 25 or 26C.

Friday warms further thanks to more of a southerly flow ahead of a frontal system which will draw warmer air up from France. With the help of sunshine, expect widespread highs of 23-26, locally 29C in the Southeast with an outside chance at hitting 30C in London.


It’s been a rather damp, dreary afternoon with hit and miss showers as well as longer spells of rain. That trend continues through tonight with a cloud of cloud but it’s by no means a cold night with lows holding up at 13-16C.

Thursday starts off damp, drizzly and mild but through the afternoon, except the sun to break through and with that sun it’s going to really heat up nicely with highs ranging from 20-24, locally 26C.

More sunshine to be enjoyed through the first half of Friday but a rain bearing front will be knocking on the door of the West coast through the PM hours. Exact timing remains a little uncertain but with enough sunshine through at least the first half of the afternoon and with a strong, warm southerly air flow, we could see a 26, possibly 27C Friday over Eastern parts.

Northern Ireland

It’s been a day of cloud and showers in the West, brighter and warmer further East where temperatures have managed to get up to 20 or 21C. Into this evening and all areas turn cloudier with mist and fog forming and it will be another very mild night with lows once again getting no lower than 14C.

Thursday starts dull and perhaps damp for some but through the morning and into the early afternoon, sunshine will break through and it’s going to be a pleasantly warm late August day with highs of 20-22, locally 23C.

There is uncertainty over the timing of a front Friday but if it stays west long enough, we could see the warmest day on Friday where highs may manage to reach 24C near Belfast.


It’s been a warm, bright or sunny afternoon after Central and Eastern parts where highs have climbed into the low 20s, always that bit cloudier with light rain or drizzle further West. Tonight turns mostly cloudy, misty and murky for all and it stays mild with lows no lower than 14-16C.

Thursday dawns dull and perhaps damp but that mist and low cloud quickly dissipates, making way for bright sunshine and with that sun, expect highs in the interior South and Midlands to climb to between 22-24, locally 25C. Widely 20-22C.

Friday starts off warm and sunny but through the day, cloud and some heavy rain spreads in from the Atlantic, perhaps reaching Eastern areas by tea time. Highs of 21-25C.

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