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Chilly Next 2-3 Weeks Over Eastern US But Could August End Warm To Hot?

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After a warm-up and return to higher humidity, the chill returns this week to the Eastern United States and more or less all models show a very cool next 2-3 weeks with the trough firmly under the thumb of a strong blocking high to the north, helping keep unusually warm weather up across the arctic circle of Canada. […]

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NAO To Go Positive, Last Blast Of Summer For Western Europe?

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It’s been a much more classic summer pattern across Western Europe over the last 10-15 days while the very air mass which baked us back in July sizzles central and eastern Europe. Much of the Med up into the Alpine region has seen blistering highs of 35-40C with an all-time high of 40.1C in Austria. The front […]

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[s2Stream player=”jwplayer-v6-rtmp” player_path=”/jwplayer/jwplayer.js” file_download=”Vid110813.mp4″ player_width=”640″ player_height=”480″ player_key=”7dA7m05wsepGN0qTGnxA7CFT7sgLuKxncIU/4g==” player_option_blocks=”logo:{file:’’,link:’’}” /] A glance at the North American/Hemispheric pattern over the next 2-4 weeks. Heavy rains from the Central Plains into Southeast and Mid-Atlantic and the potential for a last blast of summer into the Eastern US week 3-4 or at the end of August start of September.

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