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Two Polar Lows To Slam Iceland Bringing Cool Shots Into UK Next 7 Days, Potential Mid-Sept Cold Spell?

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Not one but two lows of polar origin (formation between Greenland and Canada) will slam Iceland, likely presenting winter extremely early. Just last year on Sept 15th, a rare, even unprecedented snowstorm struck northern parts of the Nordic Isle, killing many sheep and cutting off my northern residents and visitors. Less than a year on […]

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[s2Stream player=”jwplayer-v6-rtmp” player_path=”/jwplayer/jwplayer.js” file_download=”Vid280813.mp4″ player_width=”640″ player_height=”480″ player_key=”7dA7m05wsepGN0qTGnxA7CFT7sgLuKxncIU/4g==” player_option_blocks=”logo:{file:’’,link:’’}” /] Video takes a look at the double slamming of ‘early winter’ for Iceland with troughs bringing the first taste of autumn to the UK and W Europe as well as a look at potentially colder times ahead in 2-4 weeks.

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Scotland It’s a cloudy evening but largely dry for most except for the Western Isles and eventually Northwest mainland. Through the overnight, the rain associated with a front will gradually advance south bringing a damp night to many western and central areas, perhaps holding just to the north or over Glasgow. Remaining dry to the […]

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High Pressure Dictating US Pattern Right Now

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At the moment, the main and obvious dominant factor to the US pattern right now is the Plains ridge which is making it rather hot across most of the US. Each day we’re seeing record highs and record high maximums and through the rest of this week and into early next week, there is no real sign […]

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