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Europe September Outlook

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We are now in a very different type of pattern compared to what we were last month and the change as alluded to and expected since way back in mid-July was due to the sharp rise in water temperatures surrounding the UK along with the progression of the season and the cooling which was taking place up at 500mb just […]

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More Arctic Sea Ice – Less Northern Blocking This Winter?

I’m seeing a few interesting comments surfacing on Facebook about the increase in arctic and northern hemisphere sea ice extent compared to recent years which they claim may lead to little or no blocking and a mild winter for Europe and I guess they mean North America too. This prompted me to have a look at […]

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Scotland After a rather mixed weekend with a cool feel thanks to the breeze, the new workweek kicks off in a similar vane with plenty of sunshine, a cool breeze but those showers will pep up through the morning and especially into the afternoon. The heaviest and most persistent looks to be in the East but your […]

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