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ECMWF, GFS, CFSv2 All Show Spain To UK Ridge Aug 22-26th

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The unsettled, highly Atlantic influenced pattern continues across Western Europe and this cooling influence with frequent fronts is gradually erasing the major heat that’s baked Europe over recent weeks. The jet is flattening out and so rain bearing frontal systems are now pushing maritime air all the way towards eastern areas. The focus of heat […]

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[s2Stream player=”jwplayer-v6-rtmp” player_path=”/jwplayer/jwplayer.js” file_download=”Vid130813.mp4″ player_width=”640″ player_height=”480″ player_key=”7dA7m05wsepGN0qTGnxA7CFT7sgLuKxncIU/4g==” player_option_blocks=”logo:{file:’’,link:’’}” /] Tonight’s video looks at the NAO going positive and as a result a significant ridge builds from Spain up into the UK next week. Also looks at the uncertainty with a plume of sub-tropical moisture which may impact Ireland, NI and Scotland.

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Scotland It’s a fine end to your Tuesday right across Scotland with all but coastal areas enjoying plenty of sunshine and it may feel comfortably warm in that sunshine. Through the overnight and cloud increases from the West but it stays largely dry, clearer and cooler in the East. Lows dip to between 6C in rural […]

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US September Outlook

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While it’s cool now across the Midwest and East, change is on the way as a Canadian high drops into the Southeast this week and it looks like we eventually see warming southwest winds develop on the backside of the high, allowing the Northeast to warm up considerably next week on into the following week. The upper pattern is […]

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