Icy Mess Left Behind Across S Plains & Turning Bitter, Snowing Now In CA

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It sure is rough going throughout Central and North Texas with a dangerous combination of freezing rain, sleet and some snow. Dallas has ice as well as a thin coating of sleet and snow and as temperatures continue to drop like they have been throughout this afternoon, roads continue to worsen with VERY icy conditions out there.

Of course we’ve got that mess extending north up into Oklahoma as well as east into Arkansas while heavy sleet and snow continues falling along the northern side of the boundary. Over 1,000 we’re cancelled out of busy Dallas-Forth Worth Intl Airport and it’s estimated that some 4,000+ travellers will spend the night at the airport.

Fountain in Downtown Dallas seen starting to freeze this afternoon.


Here’s a traffic cam image along US-75 tonight in Dallas. Dangerous and very icy tonight throughout North Texas.

Here’s the radar from earlier via AccuWeather.


Here was the scene from Wichita Falls to the north of Dallas earlier.

Snowy Wichita Falls, TX

Snowy Wichita Falls, TX

Further north and it’s heavier snow folks have to contend with. Here was the scene earlier from I-44 in Missouri. Very treacherous.

Treacherous driving conditions along I-44 in Missouri

Treacherous driving conditions along I-44 in Missouri

The worst of the mixed rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow combo is now shifting northeast through the Ohio Valley tonight while skies clear out and the arctic air continue to drive south over the freshely laid snow and ice pack. By dawn Saturday, I suspect low teens for Dallas with single numbers potentially in outlying areas but head north and west and it’s going to be close to zero, below for a good chunk of the Panhandles of TX and OK.

Of course the coldest air of all remains to the north with mid -20s currently across much of north-central Montana.

Here are the current temps across the nation.

Source: weather.com

Source: weather.com

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Forecast low tonight.

Source: weather.com

Source: weather.com

Note that it gets awfully close to freezing all the way to Houston tonight.

Bitterly cold tonight. Just look at those highs.

Source: weather.com

Source: weather.com

Of course it’s not just the heart of the nation but California is also under the gun of some rare snow and bitter cold. A storm system sweeping in from the Pacific is meeting the cold air over California and of course that equates to snow and pretty heavy snow in some rare places.


After seeing MANY record lows this morning with Paso Robles dropping to 16, Sacramento 25. The snow is now falling heavily this evening over the northern Sacramento Valley around the Redding and Red Bluff areas where it will accumulate.

Here’s the live radar via TWC.

Source: weather.com

Source: weather.com

Snow falls below 500ft in the northern Sac Valley but get above 5k feet and expect upwards of 2ft of snow. Later tonight as temps drop, we could see it snow through the central, even southern Central Valley. Last time it snowed in Sacramento was 4 years ago.

More tomorrow…

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