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UK Storm: Hurricane-Force Winds & Flooding Rains To Be Followed By Snow

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We’re in the midst of a very active, even hyper active pattern over Western Europe these days with +NAO/AO which is supporting a N Atlantic trough/Europe ridge with huge temperature difference which is producing a 200+mph jet stream. The atmospheric environment is perfect for extremely deep low pressure development through Christmas. Unfortunately Ireland and the UK are bearing the […]

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WILD WEEKEND AHEAD: Midwest Snowstorm (0s/10sF)/Northeast Warmth (60s/70sF)

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Though not the greatest snowstorm ever to strike the Northeast, the swath of snow which did fall across the Lower Midwest and particularly the Northeast was enough to set new daily snowfall records. As much as 18 inches fell Boston’s 6.4 inches was a record for December 17. It’s been a cold and snowy December from […]

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