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Tonight’s video looks at the evidence which backs up a colder W Europe pattern in January onwards! [s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_level1)] [/s2If][s2If is_user_logged_in() AND current_user_cannot(access_s2member_level1)] That’s it, [s2Get constant=”S2MEMBER_CURRENT_USER_DISPLAY_NAME” /]! To continue reading, you need to have a valid subscription to access premium content exclusive to members. Please join a subscription plan if you would like to […]

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Pacific Warming To Be Followed By Coldest Air Yet For Midwest, East

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A nice warm Pacific flow will give those that have been shivering of late a well earned break from the bitter cold through the first half of this weekend. Check out these highs from today. Most noticeable is the lack of cold air which has been kicked up to the international border TEMPORARILY and this […]

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