Verkhojansk, Siberia Narrowly Bypasses Fort Yukon, Alaska’s 1915 Record Becoming The Hottest Place North of The Arctic Circle

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Known as the other ‘pole of cold’, the northeast Siberian city of Verkhojansk has made history and taken the crown as being the hottest place north of the Arctic Circle. On June 20, 2020, a new city and Arctic maximum of 38.0C or 100.4F was set at the peak of a ‘months-long’ Siberian heatwave.

Credit: BBC


While situated 67.44 degrees north and recording a winter minimum of -67.8C or -90F, this city experiences warm, dry summers since it’s a true continent climate. 30C or 86F is quite common during June, July and August.


Though, 38.0C is a new Arctic record, it’s not entirely ‘off the scale’ when it comes to heat as the previous record high for north of the Arctic Circle goes to Fort Yukon, Alaska when it reached 37.7C or 100.0F in 1915.


Prior to Verkhojansk’s new record, it’s previous record was 37.3C. Verkhojansk continues to hold the world record for biggest temperature range of any place on earth and that range has even expanded slightly.

The heat wave has been pretty much ongoing across Siberia since the start of the year.

Credit: Berkeley Earth


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