It’s Here! The Spring Equinox & The Big Diurnal Temperature Swing

After not one but two major cold spells this March, the spring equinox arrived yesterday and it’s all uphill from here. The clocks ‘spring forward’ this Sunday morning at 2am.

With a very pleasant 10C and sunshine, the kids made the most of it.

At this time of year (March-May & September-November) when nice clear, dry high pressure cores are parked overhead with nights still long enough for significant heat release back to space but the strengthening sun has some power in it’s rays, you get big temperature swings between dawn and mid afternoon.

Take Altnaharra as an example, on Monday morning it started the day off at -10.3C but by the afternoon, Achnagart to the south and still in the Scottish Highlands, warmed to 9.5C. So the Highlands were both the UK’s coldest then warmest for Monday directly down to the fact that the CORE of high pressure where winds are non-existent, same the biggest swing.

Achnagart itself started off the day at -7C that morning before warming to 9.5C less than 12 hours after bottoming out.

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