DC, Philly, NYC Gets Biggest Snowstorm of Season At The Same Time Los Angeles Get’s Biggest Rainstorm

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The wind, rain and snow machine is on on both West and East Coasts today with potentially California’s biggest storm at the same time DC, Philly and NYC get potentially their biggest snow.

For the Northeast and since March 2nd, their getting hit by Nor’Easter No 4.

Credit: weather.com

It’s certain that this is DC’s biggest snowstorm this winter.

Almost certain it’s Philly’s too.

This snowstorm may be more significant than just the biggest for winter 2017-18.

While it’s snowy in New York, it’s wet and windy in LA.

Thanks to a beautiful ‘atmospheric river driving moisture from beyond Hawaii straight into LA and Southern California.

So biggest snowstorm of the season for DC, Philly and New York while it’s the biggest rainstorm of the season for Southern California on the same day!

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