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Europe Pattern Next 10 Days: Low Pressure In West, High Pressure East

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Granted the pattern is not looking anywhere near as extreme as what we’ve seen in recent weeks, there is unfortunately NO END IN SIGHT to this Atlantic driven pattern over the West of Europe. Head across the mainland however and high pressure is building and locks set to provide a rather benign setup. It’s looking […]

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US PATTERN: CFSv2 Shows Cold March, This Winter Could Have Ugly Spring, Summer Implications

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Here’s the charts shown in today’s video. Some incredible snowfall departures compared to normal over the Midwest and East. Here are the latest numbers via NWS. [s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_level1)] CFSv2 week 1-4 temp anomalies. Note the models turns VERY cold into mid-March. Sharp flip between this week and next over NW North America. CFSv2 for March […]

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