US PATTERN: CFSv2 Shows Cold March, This Winter Could Have Ugly Spring, Summer Implications

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Here’s the charts shown in today’s video.

Some incredible snowfall departures compared to normal over the Midwest and East. Here are the latest numbers via NWS.

Source: NWS

Source: NWS

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CFSv2 week 1-4 temp anomalies. Note the models turns VERY cold into mid-March. Sharp flip between this week and next over NW North America.



CFSv2 for March


A result of that warm water in the NE Pacific feeding back once again, promoting that Alaskan ridge ALL winter, helped by arid California, or is it the other way about?


Latest Great Lakes ice.


There hasn’t been this much ice on the Great Lakes since the sustained cold winter of 2003-04.

This is expected to make for a cold, cloudy, potentially damp spring over the Midwest/Ohio Valley region and could well persist well into summer 2014 boasting an eastern trough/western ridge.

CFSv2 for April


Jamstec has a battle this spring with warmth lifting north but cold tries to fight on in the north. Could make for heightened severe weather threats. Big temp contrasts.

Spring temp anomalies.


Here comes the winter hangover with lingering Hudson Bay, Great Lakes ice helping hold eastern ridge over the eastern US this summer. Could be another cool summer like 2004.


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