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Texas/Gulf States Flood Threat, Look At How CO Flooded & Typhoon Effects On US Pattern

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The biggest weather story across the United States this weekend will be the developing western Gulf system which if named, would be named Jerry but this is not the single most important aspect but more it’s the indirect effects this system may have. A strong front will cross Texas over the next 72 hours, slowing as […]

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Super Typhoon Usagi Eyes Hong Kong / Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record High

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All eyes across Taiwan and eastern China are on Super Typhoon Usagi which currently packs winds of up to 155 mph. This mighty storm is the strongest globally in 2013 so far and is setting it’s sights on southern Taiwan but thankfully the core should pass to the south. However, the system will make a Chinese […]

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First Snow Of Season On The Way To Scandinavia, Russia

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The Europe pattern becomes highly amplified starting this weekend and as warmth lifts north a low over Iceland will slide east, riding the northerly periphery of the northern extending UK ridge. The thermal contrast will develop a storm system that will tap colder arctic origin air and pull it south across Scandinavia while warmth builds north over the UK. […]

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Scotland It’s a bright afternoon across many central, southern and eastern areas with the thickest cloud and best chance of light, patchy rain in the north. With the help of sunshine, temps will climb to a more comfortable 15-17C. Tonight will be cloudy for most with some rain developing in the NW Highlands and this may […]

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