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Omega Block Sets Up Over Europe, Temperature Rollercoaster For UK

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It’s much more like mid summer than the early stages of autumn as temperatures soar into the mid-20s over Southern and Eastern parts of the UK, upper 20s over the western coastal plain of Europe. As a front approaches the UK from the northwest. Southwest winds will increase and so temperatures are expected to rise further tomorrow […]

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Scotland It’s turned out to be a lovely start to the week after a chilly and at times unsettled weekend with blustery showers and gusty winds which brought speed restrictions to some bridges. Highs yesterday topped 25.3C in Aberdeen which fell just shy of a September record. Today saw brighter skies further west as well […]

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North America To Act Like Magnet For Tropics Mid Sept As Pattern & MJO Becomes More Favourable

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The tropics overall remain quiet and there I no immediate threat from any system out there at this time. We currently have a system bringing heavy downpours, gusty winds to the Yucatan and this feature will drift west into the Bay of Campeche tomorrow. The NHC gives this a low chance of development (20%) and will likely push […]

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