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UK Could Hit 27C While Scandinavia, Russia Gets First SNOW Next Week!

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In coming days, Europe will find itself in a rather wild pattern with a highly amplified jet stream pattern with a big ridge developing in the west while a deep trough sets up in the east. This wild buckling of the jet will drive a lot of heat north from Spain to the UK with […]

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Scotland It’s a damp end to the day for some while others enjoy late day bright or sunny spells. Through this evening and overnight, patchy cloud will linger but where clear pockets develop, it will turn chilly once again with low single figures in some sheltered rural parts. Overall a fairly quiet night to come. Lows […]

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First Snows Arrive In Fairbanks & Rockies, Tropical Trouble

After a long, dry and hot summer over Alaska, something much more wintry arrived this morning. The first measurable SNOW in Fairbanks! While grassy surfaces saw a light dusting around town, roads were too warm for snow to stick and for appreciable amounts, you had to go outwith and into higher elevations but nonetheless, the first snowfall hit […]

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