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It’s been yet another day dominated by sunshine and heavy showers, feeling pleasantly warm in the sunshine with highs reaching 20-23C. Through tonight and showers die out once the daytime heating is lost and it will turn clear with mist and fog reforming. Lows 10-15C.

Saturday like yesterday and today will see sunshine but it’s that sunshine and building warmth which stirs up the atmosphere and will produce showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon. Highs 20-24C.

Sunday starts off fine but it quickly goes downhill with a band of heavy rain spreading north through Southern, Central and eventually Highlands Scotland, though weakening as it does so. This band of rain could well be accompanied by thunder, lightning, wind, hail and even funnel clouds. Highs 18-22C.

More rain spreads in from the west Monday. Highs 19-23C.


After a fine, dry and bright day with highs of 21-26C, tonight turns clear once again with mist and fog reforming. Lows hold up at 14-28C.

Saturday starts mainly fine but along the South Coast some nasty weather is brewing and will spread northwards through the morning and afternoon. By late afternoon expect some very heavy rain across South-Central and Southeast England, East Anglia spreading up into the Midlands and Eastern parts through the evening, eventually reaching the far North by 7-8pm.

Within this canopy of heavy rain will be embedded thunderstorms which could drop 1 inch of rain in parts within 30-60 minutes and this may cause flash flooding. Dangerous lightning, hail, gusty winds and even funnel clouds are also possible. Highs tomorrow 21-25C.

Tomorrow night is rough in the North while clearing commences in the South.

Sunday will be much better with sunshine back across the South and Midlands, leftover showers in the North. Highs 21-26C.

Monday looks bright, warm and sunny with just an odd shower here and there but their few and far between.


Warm, mainly sunny day will make way for another clear night to come with misty and fog reforming. Lows 13-17C.

Saturday starts fine and dry but rain builds across the country through the afternoon into the evening, highs 20-24C. Tomorrow night may see heavier pulses spread in from the southeast. Lows 14-26C.

Sunday will see heavy showers blossom across particularly South Wales, drier and brighter further north. Highs 20-24C.

Monday starts the new week off on a showery note,

Northern Ireland

Like yesterday, big thunderstorms developed across the Ulster landscape this afternoon, fuelled by plenty of warmth and humidity in the low levels. While some saw those cells drop heavy, flooding rain, others enjoyed warm sunshine and highs of 21 to 23C.

Tonight those cells die and it’s back to clear, misty and foggy. Lows remain mild at 13-16C.

Saturday, Sunday and even Monday continues with the dry, bright start but again as the air heats, so it begins to rise and as that warmth and humidity lifts into the cooler upper levels, so more storms are triggered. Each day will see a similar temperature profile of 19-22C.


It’s been a very persistent weather setup of late across the Republic with sunshine to start and as the heating commences, so storm clouds build, bringing heavy downpours with localised flooding. Highs once again today were warm at 21-24C.

Clear and calm with mist and fog tonight, lows 13-16C.

Saturday starts off in a similar vain with sunshine but through the morning into the afternoon we yet again see showers and storms develop. While some gets soaked, others enjoy sunshine.

Sunday remains similar but by Monday we see a band of rain spread in from the Atlantic, bringing wetter cooler conditions across the country.

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