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UK Remains Warm, Humid And Unsettled While Major Heat Builds Over Mediterranean Sea

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The squeeze play between low pressure to our west and high pressure to our east continues. Embedded lows look set to bring us a series of pulses containing heavy rain and thunderstorms. The warm, juicy source crossing warmer than normal waters means the torrential downpour and flood risk remains high throughout the UK and Ireland. This very setup was highlighted throughout July […]

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Scotland It’s been a better day across Scotland than it was yesterday with more in the way of sunshine, however the warm sun did help bubble up some heavy, thundery downpours this afternoon, perhaps producing local flooding in places. In between the showers it was warm and sunny. Into tonight and the showers of today die […]

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Drying Out, Heating Up In Texas While Cooling In East. Summer’s End Game Starting To Show?

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The pattern has become somewhat benign across the United States in the past week but what’s interesting is that we’re now seeing the evolution of a pattern which may take us towards fall. In other words the end game to summer is showing it’s hand with a trough returning to the East after the recent hot spell and there is […]

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