Summit Camp, Greenland Shivers At -60C (-76F)

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When the North Atlantic Oscillation is negative, Greenland is mild with an upper level ridge of high pressure overhead. Temperatures are often at or above -18C or 0F, which is warm compared to normal here during winter. This pattern tends to promote colder weather for eastern North America and western Europe, but when there is a positive NAO, it’s the opposite and right now, there is deep trough over Greenland and a ridge over western Europe. While Europe is mild, the deep trough firmly established over Greenland is supporting the coldest weather of the season so far. A deep upper level trough with an arctic high embedded within supports some of, if not the coldest air on earth and right now, interior Greenland is the coldest place on earth.

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The scientific research station of Summit Camp, located in the heart of the Greenland Icecap has been reporting some incredibly cold temperatures over the past 24 hours.

With the deep trough covering Greenland and 850 (5,000ft) temps near -40, this has supported surface temps of -60C or -76F this morning..

While the NAO stays firmly positive, so the trough and extreme cold will stay over Greenland, I expect over the next 72 hours hours, temperatures to barely rise above -56C or -69F but with the NAO expected to return to negative, so this cold breaks and spreads out.

The coldest I have ever seen at Summit Camp was -66C or -87F and this in fact ties the all-time record for Greenland. A reading down to -62C or -80F is possible in the next night or two before warming takes place.

Courtesy/Owned by WeatherBELL Models

Courtesy/Owned by WeatherBELL Models

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