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Over the course of today, there has been considerable shower activity driven in on a fresh to strong southerly. Temperatures this afternoon across Scotland are cool, ranging between 11-13C as of 3pm. Winds are blowing out of the SW or WSW, averaging 5-15 mph widely but in exposed western areas or at higher elevation, 18-25 mph with gusts beyond 30+ mph.

The next front into Western Scotland tonight bringing enhancement to these showers with heaviest and most frequent in the west. Though showers should reach the east, we should see a drier, clearer and perhaps cooler night, especially where hills bring shelter from the SW wind. Winds remain fresh to strong for most and temperatures fall below last night’s values of between 6-9C, feeling cooler in the wind.

Into tomorrow and those showers continue and I expect a ‘clumping’ together as the front adds energy. Western areas, especially down the West Coast from the Northwest Highlands, down through Lochaber, Argyll, Glasgow, Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway, heavy, persistent showers could cause local flooding. Thunder and lightning as well as hail and gusty winds is possible.

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The last of today’s fairly persistent rain should clear the South Coast by early evening while a fairly bright evening is in store across the Midlands. I am optimistic that really from just south of Manchester all the way to the north suburbs of London, should see a dry evening with sunshine while cloud lingers from London down to Kent. This should eventually clear overnight. From Manchester north it remains a dull, cloudy and showery picture all the way to the Scottish border and those showers are always kept going along the Irish Sea coast. A stiff breeze everywhere, always strong along the coast.

Tonight will see showers continue, especially in the west and especially up over Lancashire and Cumbria where  they could cluster and bring steady and persistent rain. Further south and it’s a clear, dry night and feeling cool with lows dipping to between 8-11C, cooler in rural areas and always feeling chillier in the wind.

Tomorrow will see a more organised area of rain spread in from the Irish Sea affecting an areas from Cumbria all the way down to eventually Cornwall as the next front arrives. The rain will work east, southeast eventually affecting southern areas later tomorrow. Winds will also pick up into tomorrow night and we’re likely to see gales develop along the Southwest and South Coast as the front sags down along the Channel coast.

Temperatures range from a chilly 11C beneath the cloud and rain to a slightly more optimistic 15 or 16C where the sun shines longest.

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Through the rest of this afternoon and evening there will be little change across much of Wales with heavy, frequent and blustery showers sweeping in on the brisk southwest wind. This will continue throughout tonight and by tomorrow morning, the front arrives bringing the chance of more organised rains which could lead to local flooding, especially over western facing hills. Like everywhere else in the UK, temperatures are averaging 11-14C as of 3pm with winds along the coast blowing at between 20-15 mph, gusting between 30-45 mph.

Lows tonight are in the range of 6-11C.

Winds will be equally as strong and perhaps turning stronger during tomorrow afternoon as the front swings southeast. Gales are likely to develop along the coast later tomorrow.

Northern Ireland & Rep of Ireland

Well it will be no surprise that, like the rest of the UK, it’s a windy, showery day with heaviest and most frequent showers mainly in northern and western areas. Winds will be touching gale-force along the fully exposed Atlantic coast and especially up towards Donegal. Tonight will see showers ease for many with partial clearing in the clouds across central and eastern areas allowing the temperature to drop back to single figures. Showers in northern and western areas will continue to see showers, some of which will be heavy, thundery and may pack hail and gusty winds.

Through tomorrow and it’s a similar picture to today with some showers, especially in the west clustering to provide longer spells of rain. Temperatures tomorrow reaching 12-14C but always feeling cooler in the brisk southwesterly.

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