Heatwave For California, Then Comes The Cold Further East

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Often during October, when a major cold shot drops into the heart of the Lower 48, a heatwave is going on over California. This time around will be no exception. The reason? a highly amplified pattern with a major dip in the jet which has arctic air forced south will have warm air lifting north within a strong upper ridge either west or east (often both), on either side of the trough. This setup forces warmth not just up the West Coast of the Lower 48 but all the way up to Alaska with departures from normal climbing the further north the warmth goes. Same with the cold air. The further south it goes, the greater the departure.

For example, 70s, perhaps even 80s reaching interior Alaska would likely push the depature some 25+F above normal. At the same time, getting days stuck in the 40s, 50s as far south as Oklahoma or Texas would be the same depature on the opposite end of the scale and the pattern evolving by weeks end will do just that!

The heat is on in California

Between Monday and Wednesday, Southern California extending up into Oregon will see temperatures rise anywhere from 10-20F above normal. Downtown Los Angeles may see 1-2 days which challenges the century mark starting Monday with upper 80s to low 90s pushing right to the Beach Communities. Long Beach could push 100 while Huntington Beach up to San Monica may push 90.

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Through tonight and into Monday night snows fall across the Canadian Rockies on east along the Front Range into such cities as Calgary. By Wednesday, the leading edge of November-like cold following on the backside of a storm system will eventually bring snow across Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas across to perhaps Minnesota by Friday into Saturday.

The chill will come following this impressively early snowstorm which is roughly a month ahead of schedule.

Courtesy of AccuWeather

By late week and this weekend, the chill following could or should support daytime highs in the 30s and 40s firstly in Montana, then the Dakotas and into the Midwest. For some, highs may struggle to hit freezing and under clear skies, light winds and cold, dry air in place, lows could sink well into the teens with pockets of single digits possible.

Here’s the ECMWF chart for this week.

Here’s comes the leading edge of the cold by Wednesday…

By Friday!

 What’s interesting is the chill late this week may not be as strong as what’s coming down NEXT WEEK.

Here the 6-10 day off NOAA.


 More later coming tomorrow, including video!

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