Showers, Thunderstorms Threaten Olympic Opener But Not Before London Tops 31C Wednesday!

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A near stalled frontal boundary seperates the north with south. Along the slow southward moving front today, rains have been persistent and at times heavy. Here in Lennoxtown, it took till late afternoon for the rains to finally stop while temps soared to 28C at Writtle in Essex this afternoon.

The front will hold over northern England tomorrow after providing Northern Ireland and southern Scotland with a rather wet, dreary night, north and south of this boundary it remains dry with clear skiesĀ in the south, cloud in the north.

Tomorrow should see temperatures rise on both sides of the front which by afternoon should be drapped across the north of England where rains will continue through much of day. Central Scotland northwards should see sunnier skies than today with temps responding nicely to around 18-20C. Under the boundary it remains cooler with only 16 or 17C but south of the front where the sun shines and southwest winds draw increasingly warmer air up from the Azores, highs rise sharply to likely the warmest levels of summer so far. I expect to see London and perhaps Kent top 30C and with similar conditions on Wednesday, perhaps 31C.

By late week and particularly Friday, the front will slip further south and should present a risk of heavy showers and even thunderstorms over London as the energy associated with the bounadry pushes into warm, humid air. This of course may tamper things for the opening ceremony but i’m sure it won’t dampen spirits.

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