Following It’s Fast Start, Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Silent But How Long Will This Last?

Written by on July 24, 2012 in Tropical with 0 Comments

There’s no question, the Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season has been noneexistant after it’s rapid start and here’s a lot of the reason why!

Image courtesy of WSU.

This dry air has been carried across the tropical Atlantic by much stronger than normal easterlies, has surpressed convection and moist air and any waves which emerged from off Africa, quickly became chocked by this dry air.

Yes, it’s a naturally quieter time for the basin, it’s still very early as the core of the season doesn’t really commence till later in August but even by July standards, it’s quieter than usual and a lot is due to the extent of the dry, dusty plume flowing across the basin from off the Sahara.

Higher than normal pressures too have been a contributor too.

It’s unlikely this will continue and so I expect some awakening once we get into August as this dry air, which has greatly influenced local weather over the Caribbean, begins to break up and allows moister air and lower pressures to start taking more hold.


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