Severe Thunderstorms Impact Northeast, Blistering Heat Continues Over Midwest

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While the cauldron of heat continues it’s relentless grip over the Midwest today, thunderstorms are firing along the jet stream which flows across the Great Lakes down towards the Mid-Atlantic. Strong, multicluster thunderstorms are currently pushing southeast through New York state and eastern Pennsylvania into New Jersey where a serious cluster of slow moving storms is causing significant rains and flash flooding over Sussex Co. Radar estimates earlier suggested an astonishing 3-4 inch per hour rains.

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Big Cities of I-95 bounce between 80s and 90s along with storms

Over the next few days the heat will pulsate with upper 90s today for Chicago while tomorrow it may fail to hit 90 with storms pushing through. By Wednesday and with the jet lifting north of the city, temps will rebound back into the upper 90s again. As for the Big Cities of the Northeast, 90s simmer the DC to Philly stretch of I-95 while New York on up to Boston sees cooler 80s but tomorrow will see 90s likely pushing all the way up through NYC to Hartford. By Wednesday, things settle down over again and temps cool back into the 80s but again by Thursday, the mercury rises and highs push 100 in DC. Thanks to a trough sinking south over New England, cooler air flows all the way down from the northwest, may keep NYC from even hitting 90 while it’s mid-90s in Philly and near 100 in Baltimore and DC.

It’s back and forth with upper 90s on north and east periphery of ridge but 100s remain steadfast from Wichita to St Louis

While it’s a very much back and forth pattern over the northern and eastern periphery of the ridge with plenty of storms firing day after day, the 100s remain strong from Wichita through Kansas City to St Louis. Highs here over the next few days will push 104 to 106 with nights struggling to get below 80.

100s return to Reno, Salt Lake & Boise?

While the focus of the heat holds over the Plains and Midwest, like the Mid-Atlantic, the Great Basin too will see the return of hot weather with models supporting the idea of yet more 100s for Denver through Salt Lake, Reno up into Boise. We could see a couple of days before the heat once again eases.


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