Lower Midwest And Mid-Atlantic To Go From 100s Today To Low 80s Within 48 Hours!

Severe thunderstorms firing over northern Pennsylvania are cooling to the out ahead of them further south, eventually they will push into the big cities from NYC to DC (Map courtesy of The Weather Channel)

We’re now beginning to see the effects of this cold front now sweeping  a line of severe thunderstorms down across northern Pennsylvania. These will eventually make a run at the Big Cities. New York is the first to see a significant temperature trim at Central Park, now down to 88 after being up at 97. Newark to the west remains a hot 96 but no doubt their reading will soon be in the 80s. It’s not storms pushing through that’s causing this drop as skies remain sunny but outflow boundaries which are releasing cooler air out ahead.

Temperatures have exceeded 100 at many recording sites across the Mid-Atlantic this afternoon including Newark, Trenton, Scranton, Reading, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and even areas further west which are typically cooler. Washington DC is said to have reached 105 and only 5 times on record has the high reached this level. Further west, it’s been sweltering too with at least 106 recorded today at St Louis and 105 at Indianapolis.

Chicago goes from near 100 today to only 80 Sunday

Map courtesy of Dr Ryan Maue/Policlimate.com

Following 5-7 days of infernal heat centred directly over the nations breadbasket, we are going to see a complete flip over the next 5 days as a trough dives into the Lakes and carves out a pool of cool over the East. This spreads west and according to the above GFS 2-metre temp anomaly for the next 8 days, the very areas which have bore the brunt of the heat, will be coolest and with that cool comes a lot of rain from the Rockies all the way to East Coast.

Incidentally while the Plains on east experience daytime 80s, so the 100s blossom and build over the Great Basin up into the interior Pacific Northwest where highs exceed 100 with ease to the east of the Cascades. Reno, NV should see a few days over 100 while Boise does too with highs possibly surpassing 105.

Strong Storms Slice Midwest 100s, coming soon to Mid-Atlantic!

Severe threat this afternoon and evening (Map courtesy of The Weather Channel)

The Lower Midwest by tomorrow will be in a very different air mass to what they’ve endured in the last 4 days or when you want to include upper 90s, the last 7 days.. With even today once again nearing or topping 100 around noon, Chicago fell into the 80s within 30 minutes as the cold front swung through. Tomorrow will see a high near 80 and this will spread south and east, eventually erasing the hot, humid air mass and introducing the Midwest, Ohio Valley, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and even Southeast to a refreshing Canadian air mass. However, with this trough and widespread 80s for highs, big rains over the next 7-10 days will be the price to pay.

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