Significant Cooldown For Plains, East After This Weekend, Heatwave Brewing For Great Basin

(Courtesy of The Weather Channel)

Well, the heat is certainly impressive today from Kansas to New Jersey as a huge dome of high pressure sits parked directly over Missouri, this has produced widespread 100s with highs of at least 102 at Chicago O’Hare and 101 at Minneapolis. Please be careful if your out and about this afternoon and even long into this evening. Many of you will be out and about enjoying the festivities but following 100-degree highs in Minneapolis, Chicago, St Louis and many other Midwestern cities, this hot and humid air mass will be slow to cool and it ain’t going to be comfortable for potentially the next 3 days. While Minneapolis may get relief by Friday as storms are possible, Chicago may top 100 an amazing 3 straight days and nights will hold at 80 or above.

While it’s a hot one throughout the Mid-Atlantic with 99 currently in Washington, 96 in Philadelphia and 93 in Central Park, NYC, we may find this to be the coolest through the next 4 or 5 days as a PNW storm begins to stretch out the Midwest heat core. Be prepared for 100s the next 3 days at least in Washington while we may get close in Philadelphia even up through Trenton and Newark while New York may fall just short at around 98.

Like I alluded to in yesterday’s post, the models are in good agreement that there are big changes coming to the overall US pattern. While it remains hot through Friday and into Saturday for the Midwest and Sunday or Monday in the East, the same storm crossing over top of the ridge and sparking string storms this afternoon over Ontario and the Lakes, will eventually push into Quebec this weekend. By the time it reaches James Bay, it will begin to develop a trough over the East while the ridge starts to back west. By mid next week it appears even the Plains on east to the Atlantic Seaboard will drop into the 80s for highs while the heat and ridge builds heat from western Colorado to the Pacific Coast.

Keep in mind that summer from San Diego to Seatte has been cool or cold so this will be very welcome. I expect 110s in both Phoenix and Vegas as well as perhaps the Sacramento Valley of California. 100s will extend up through Salt Lake, Reno, Boise to Great Falls while we may even see 80s or 90s up the I-5 corridor between Portland and Seattle, maybe for several days between next Tuesday and the weekend.

Along with the big cooldown from Denver eastwards, we are also going to likely see big rains, even into the Denver area as a trough and lower heights set up from the north as the ridge axis heads west.


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