Warm/Juicy Air Over UK To Spark Heavy T-Storms Ahead Of Flooding Rain Potential Tomorrow Night (Includes Video!)

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While tomorrow will be warmer and more humid as the approaching low pumps more warmth north and westwards, anywhere will see a chance of thunderstorms, of which could produce a lot of rain and a short period of time so be aware of the risk for localised flooding if your caught under one tomorrow.

We saw a few heavy showers today with a few rumbles of thunder but what’s noteworthy is the humidity in the air. This allowed my morning low to hold up at 59F (15.2C) and tonight will likely be the same. This warm, moist air will get activated fast if we manage to get sunshine, which stirs the lower atmosphere and encourages it to rise.. You’ve been warned.

I also warn you of heavy rains developing along a frontal boundary tomorrow evening which will lift north from the Midlands into the North of England and possibly Scotland¬†into Friday. This may bring 1-3″ rains widely with locally 4″. Why so much? Warmth bleeding in off the continent will juice and fuel this northbound front and increase the rains. These rains could be thundery too as upward motion is enhanced.

High’s Tomorrow

Glasgow 21C

Manchester 22C

Birmingham 23C

London 24C

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