Edinburgh Just Had It’s Coldest April Day In 80 Years Following Snowiest March Day Since 1979

It’s been a remarkable second half to winter and beginning of spring for Scotland.

Following the coldest February since 2010 with Braemar recording it’s coldest daytime maximum in February, both March and April opened extreme with the TWO beast from the easts setting new monthly snow and cold records. Cities including Glasgow experienced their coldest March day on record while Edinburgh recorded it’s snowiest since 1979.

Out went a memorable March and in came an unusually cold and snowy start to April. So cold that several stations observed their coldest April day on record.

The most noteworthy record was set in Edinburgh where a high of just 2C was achieved on Wednesday April 4th at both Gogarbank (Airport) and the Botanical Gardens. That high at the Botanical Gardens is in fact the coldest April reading since records began back in 1938, exactly 80 years ago.

It’s been an interesting past 12 to 18 months for Edinburgh’s Gogarbank station which observed it’s driest April in 75 years and was followed just 2 months later with it’s wettest June on record.

Credit: Sean Batty

Then came August and Gogarbank just could warm up. The first 16 days of August 2017 was the coolest since 1993.

Credit: Sean Batty

The summer before (2016) saw the site record it’s coldest high and coldest low on record for the month of July.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Wendy Lorimer @starpetphoto

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