Record Heat Up US East Coast, Record Cold In Labrador & 600 Icebergs off Newfoundland Last 3 Weeks

A bane to shipping and a little earlier than normal but since late March over 600 huge icebergs have neared Newfoundland’s north and eastern shores. The last 3 weeks has nearly seen as many icebergs than in all of 2016. The vast majority of icebergs around the Grand Banks is calved off the Greenland ice sheet and drift south with wind and current in the Davis Straits.

These are impressive!

Ferryland, Nflnd (Credit: Jody Martin‏ @tummppeer)

Fort Amherst, Nflnd (Credit: Shawn Hudson)

Off Ferryland, Nflnd (Credit: Jody Martin‏ @tummppeer)


To the north, beneath the cloudless skies and still snowy Labrador, temperatures dipped to record cold levels this morning. Wabush dipped to -27.4C breaking a 1962 record.

Hard to find a cloud in the sky this morning.

In contrast to this morning’s record cold up in Labrador, record or near record heat swept up the US East Coast all the way to Maine.

Both New York and Philadelphia reached 87 while DC hit 89.

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