Severe Weather Impacts W, S. Great Lakes Today, Northeast Tomorrow! (& Derechos..)

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Throughout this morning there have been plenty of strong, even severe thunderstorms roaming eastwards from the Dakotas into the Great Lakes around the hot dome centering 100-degree heat to the south. While the heat has been relentless all summer across the heartland, so the lows sliding over top along the US-Canada border have acted like triggers for line after line of severe storms. The word derecho has been mentioned copious amounts of times recently and these often form on the outer edges of incredibly hot air masses. Derechos come together when clusters of thunderstorms join forces into one single line and march 250+ miles around a hot dome, often fuelled by intense heat, humidity, they cause widespread damage and power loss. Though there has been debate as to whether it was or not, a derecho pushed southeast from the Dakotas, through Chicago and into the Ohio Valley during the past 24 hours causing a lot of damage.

Today storms are firing along a cold front seperating cool air trying spread down from the north, with the blowtroch further south. This morning’s storms are now out of the Dakotas and Minnesota and are now focusing on the Great Lakes region this afternoon. These may spread south, southeast through this evening causing issues for Ohio into western Pannsylvania.

Concern over Northeast severe threat tomorrow!

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A frontal zone extends from Iowa all the way down to the Carolinas and it is this zone which seperates the blowtorch in the nations midsection with less hot, less humid air over the Northeast. This line will lift north into the Northeast during Thursday and as it does so it will pull hotter, more humid air north with it, coming up against the much drier air over the Northeast. This setup with hot, humid air slamming against cooler, drier air with a front in between will cause big thunderstorms to form.

The threat tomorrow extends all the way from Oklahoma to Maine with even the Major Cities of the I-95 corridor at risk of seeing some very lively weather during tomorrow afternoon and evening. Watch out for flash floosing, lightning, gusty winds and small hail.

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