Historic July 4th Heat With 100s For Minneapolis & Chicago, Mid-Upper 90s From New York To Washington DC! (Includes Video!)


90s and 100s rule from the Plains to Atlantic Coast today! (Map courtesy of The Weather Channel)

Today looks to be on track for what will be an historic July 4th for both the Twin Cities and Chicago. You have to go back to 1947 for the last time Minneapolis reached 100° on this day and even further back to 1911 for the last 100° in Chicago on July 4th.

While it topped 97° in Minneapolis and 96° in Chicago yesterday, this morning only fell to 81° and 79° respectively, this sets a warm base for what will be a hotter and more humid day today as this air mass intensifies it’s gruelling heat. I expect both the Twin Cities and Chicago to top out at around 102° by 5pm this afternoon making it the hottest Independence Day on record for both. As for St Louis, following a warm 83° start, their heading for 104° this afternoon. Most of the Plains will be in the 100s today while mid and upper 90s dominate the Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic region.

100s reach all the way up to Fargo, ND this afternoon! (Map courtesy of The Weather Channel)

DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia should all warm to around 97-98° this afternoon while New York City should top 95°. It will be cooler up through New England with around 90° in Hartford and mid-80s for Providence and Boston. Only low 70s up through northern New England, so relief will be had here

Please be mindful of strong to potentially severe thunderstorms which are expected to break out over the Ohio Valley this afternoon and towards the Big Cities through this evening. Dangerous lightning, heavy rains, gusty winds and perhaps isolated small hail will be the main threats.

Highs soar to between 100-108 today from Texas to the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin (Map courtesy of The Weather Channel)

Be sure to check your elderly neighbours, drink lots of water and stay out of the sun between noon and 5pm which will be the most dangerous part of the day. Try to avoid drinking alchohol and wear loose fitting, light clothing and remember to keep your eye to the sky this afternoon and evening from Indianapolis to New York down to Richmond where storms may fire and turn strong.

I hope you have a terrific July 4th.

Even the I-95 corridor doesn’t escape the heat this July 4th, upper 90s from Raleigh, NC to Philly, mid 90s for NYC, low 90s/upper 80s for Hartford, Boston (Map courtesy of The Weather Channel)

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