Atlanta Tops 106° Setting New All-Time Record, Heat Retreats Back West By Tuesday

Today became Atlanta’s hottest day in recorded history as the high peaked at 106° . This surpassed the previous record of 105° set on July 17, 1980. Luckily for those out and about around the scorching city, the humidity was low (in the 50s) and so the 106° was bearable. The drier air is also allowing temperature to fall into the more comfortable 70s at night compared with low 80s seen back in the 2007 heatwave which although missing out on the all-time record high, a new all-time record warm low of 83° was set and this was down to higher humidity.

The ECMWF shows the heatwave holding over the Southeast for the next 2 afternoons with more 100s for Atlanta but it appears that by Tuesday highs return to the more typical levels back to the upper 80s, lows 90s with some decent thunderstorm chances as a front sets up over the region.

The heat once departed from the Southeast repositions back over the Plains and such cities as Chicago may push the upper 90s again by later next week.



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