>Worst Winter Since the Fact and Fiction of Global Warming Began, 30 years ago!

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> Northbound on the M74, March 31, 2010


– By Mark Vogan

Yes, this winter is worst since 1978-79 for all of Britain. Yes, that’s a significant time frame in which we haven’t seen a winter anything like the one we’re STILL enduring as of the final day of March, when the clocks have went forward and it’s supposedly “British Summertime”…

However, that winter (78-79) was at the close of the last cold period, since then we have been warming up until probably the late 90s and then a turn took place in which sent earth’s temperatures falling once again.. My question is, how does this compare to those brital winters BEFORE the whole Global Warming thing kicked in? Scotland has seen it’s worst winter since 1962-63, which tells me that this winter is a little more significant because, that tells me that this winter has been worse than many within the last cold period, however. The 62-63 winter was far far worse and winters prior to 62-63 were worse than even that.

I believe that this winter wasn’t as bad as 62-63 and there was much more severe winters prior to 62-63. In terms of comparing the very worst winters EVER and I’, talking those in centuries gone by when it was the little ice age, this would be considered “mild” and during the previous cold period, this would have been an “average” winter overall. What’s interesting to me is that though there were warm episodes within an overall cold dominated winter, there was very little moderation in both cold and snow within the Highlands of Scotland and as an actual fact, the winter of 09-10 is considered the coldest on record for the Highlands and this likely puts Scotland’s winter rankings back to 62-63…

It has been a long, cold and tiring winter, probably more for the fact I have been driving a truck through it all winter and even today, March 31st, I drove through heavy, windblown snow, which covered the roads…. You don’t really expect that when it’s April tomorrow…

I do believe that over the next 20 years, we will see a winter worse than 09-10, but I will say, this winter will be a tough one to beat… but it will happen whether it’s next year or 15 years from now.

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